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Capitol Buys Houses, LLC Is Ready To Buy Your Home And Make The Process Fast, Simple and Completely Stress-Free!

Selling your CA house has never been so simple! No matter what condition it’s in, we are ready to help you with an all-cash offer now!

Our process is always simple, transparent and fair! You will never have to worry about any obligation or hassle! Learn about ALL of your options before you bind yourself to a local West Sacramento agent! You have more than one way to sell! Click here to learn more about how we work! →

sell my house fast

If you need to sell a house in West Sacramento or the surrounding area, we want to buy it now! Take it or leave it! The choice to sell is completely up to you! You never have to worry about being hassled or having to deal with high-pressure sales. We want to provide you with information so you can make the right decision for your situation! 

We are ready to help you say goodbye to a burdensome property that you no longer wish to own. Imagine, no more repairs, bad tenants, high taxes or letters from the bank.

No Matter What Situation You Are In, We Can Help!

  • We can help stop the banks if foreclosure is imminent
  • We can help if you have liens against the house
  • We can help if you are getting divorced and need a quick sale
  • We can help if you have to move quickly
  • We can help if you feel stuck with a run-down house
  • We can help if you received an inheritance you do wish to keep
  • We can help if you need to move within a specific time period

We can help with all of this and so much more! Find out what we can do for you! There is never any hassle or obligation! 559-205-9301 

Get A No-Hassle, No-Obligation Offer Now! You’ve Got Nothing To Lose!

Listing your home in West Sacramento isn’t always the best way to sell. By eliminating the use of an agent along with their fees and commissions, can save you a ton of money!

We purchase properties AS-IS! You will never have to worry about cleaning up or making repairs to the home. We don’t want you to do anything to the house… even cleaning! Moving is stressful enough, we don’t want you to feel the least bit burdened about the sale of your home. We make it easy for you.

Call us now or fill out the short form below to get started. We don’t need a lot of information from you, just the property address and the timeframe you wish to sell it. We are experts when it comes to West Sacramento properties.  

Selling your home the traditional way can take months and be very stressful. And if your house does sell… you will then be faced with agent commissions and closing fees, etc.  You may end up with less cash in the long run. Before committing to anyone, learn more about what a direct sale can mean for you! For some people, it is the best way to sell an old house!

Learn more about our process here →

We want to help CA residents get out of a situation where they feel stuck with a burdensome home. Our offers are always honest and fair. Give us a call today to learn more! 

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Capitol Buys Houses, LLC is buying property in and around West Sacramento. Our offers are honest, fair and fast! There is never any obligation or hassle! Take it or leave it, the choice to sell id completely up to you!