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We specialize in  helping homeowners all over the Sacramento area who feel stuck or burdened by an unwanted house. Listing the home with an agent isn’t the best decision for every situation given the time and costs with a traditional sale. We will go over all options you have to sell your house in Rancho Cordova, but will definitely get you an offer today, you might be surprised at what it can do to help you and your situation! 559-205-9301

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Our process is simple and straightforward. We make you an offer, or a couple different offers, and you decide if it’s right for you, and that’s it! If you decide to sell, we take care of everything! We will make the repairs, clean-up and even take care of the closing costs.  We make things easy so you can focus on other things!

Life puts everyone in tough situations at one point or another. We have all been there. Maybe you are dealing with:

  • A divorce
  • Behind on payment an facing foreclosure
  • Expensive repairs you don’t want to make
  • Bad tenants that are more trouble than their worth
  • Liens against the house you aren’t able to deal with
  • The need to move quickly because of a job change or other personal reason

No matter why you need to sell, have little to no equity,  or any other situation you might be facing, we will work with you to give you the best offer that really works!

How Can I Sell My House in Rancho Cordova!

sell my house in rancho cordova

For many people, the cost and time it takes to list are not worth the trouble! People all over CA are discovering the power of a direct sale. Find out if it makes sense for you!

  • If you do successfully list your house with an agent, you will have to pay expensive commissions and agent fees upon closing
  • You will likely have to make repairs and upgrades to the house to keep it competitive with other houses on the market
  • You will need to continue paying homeowners insurance, property taxes and utilities up until the day of closing. This can take months with a traditional listing, potentially costing you thousands.
  • With a listing, you might find a buyer, and have the whole thing fall through at the last minute due to their lender. You don’t have to worry about that with a direct sale to Capitol Buys Houses, LLC.

And remember, when you list, your agent can advertise the house for any price you want. However, there are zero guarantees you will get an offer at that price. Many people get excited, list high, and spend the next several months lowering their price until the listing expires. This is just time and money down the drain. Before you list, take a realistic look at the financial implications of a direct sale vs. a listing! 

When you sell directly to Capitol Buys Houses, LLC, you will not need to wait while the financing is sorted out. We have the funds available now, and can close on the day YOU decide! 

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Right now, Capitol Buys Houses, LLC is buying properties in CA with an emphasis on the Porterville area! Get in touch with us today to get a risk free, zero obligation offer on your Porterville house! You have many options available to you, learn about ALL of them before selling your Porterville house!