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How to Sell Your Home in Under a Month

One of the most difficult parts of selling your home is the timeline. There’s no saying how long it could take to find a buyer, negotiate an offer, and close on a sale. However, there is an easier way. Selling your home to a home buying company allows you to close on the sale of your home in less than a month.

Find a Local Home Buying Company

The first thing you need to do in order to sell your home in under a month is to find a local home buying company. These companies purchase your home for cash and give you an incredibly easy selling experience, so it’s good to find one to work with. Home buying companies can be found in nearly every area across the country, so it should be easy to find one near you with a quick google search. Once you’ve found a home buying company in your area, you can request an offer on your home by filling out the simple form on the company’s website. This gets them started on calculating your offer, and gives them the information they need to get started.

Get an Offer in 24 Hours

The next step of selling your home to a home buying company is having a quick meeting with a representative from the company. This individual will make sure they gather any pertinent information about your home that will help the company calculate your offer. This is the time to discuss your home’s history and condition. However, it should be noted that a home buying company will purchase your home in any condition. Home buying companies will never require you to make any repairs or updates to your home before presenting you with a cash offer, so you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars on the process. Once you’ve spoken with a representative, you should get your cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Close in Seven Days

After you’ve received your offer from a home buying company, you can begin the closing process. Usually, at this point, your home would have been on the market for months, with you having to leave your home for showings, and continuing to pay mortgage payments. However, when selling to a home buying company, the process up to this point has taken only days. If you accept the offer from the company, you can close on the sale of your home in as little as seven days. However, home buying companies know that timelines can be tricky when selling your home, so they allow you to choose the date that the sale closes. This puts you in charge of the process and helps you close when you want to.

Selling your home to a home buying company takes all the stress out of selling. Instead of waiting around for months, and dealing with the financial complications of a home on the market, you can sell your home in under a month from start to finish. 

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